A loner trudges through his purposeless reality only to stumble upon his explicit destiny

The fifth track in Statues of Cats' live concert experience, 'Ground Down Memorabilia,' entitled Seven Circles, to be featured on the upcoming EP 'Reti'. 


An average bathroom break for a stoner turns awry when something potentially evil happens in the next-door stall.


This is the first track in Statues of Cats' live concert experience, 'Ground Down Memorabilia,' entitled Valley of the Sun.
Download the recorded version of this track along with the rest of the 'Memorabilia' EP here: http://www.statuesofcats.com/music.html
This video was filmed on location at the Heart of Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. Find them at http://heartofartgalleryla.com/

Director: Christopher Leon Price
Cinematographer: Derek Johnson
Movi Operatror: Chris Herr
Camera Operators: Damon Mosier and Matt Eidenbock
1st Ac: Freddy Fernandez
Gaffer: Natasha Pirouzian


This is a short film collaboration with musician Jonney Machtig and filmographer Hector Cuellar. I produced, wrote and directed the project. It is an adaptation of the chess match played between Donald Byrne and Bobby Fischer.


A music video I directed for the band Zero Zero and 80/20 Records. Nerf Gun Lady Assassins. If you like this, please check out some of my other videos. - Christopher Leon Price CLPFILM@gmail.com

This is a scene from a feature length script entitled "George Lucas Must Be Destroyed"

A man struggles to deal with chronic nightmares by learning to lucid dream. The new technique works like a charm, but soon begins to backfire once the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur.

A sequel to the 2007 "The Gamer", "The Gamer 2" is a tour de force. Donkey Kong and his henchmen from the gaming universe are back, and this time, The Gamer will need to pull out all the stops in order to defeat them. Featuring games such as Tetris, Doom, Pokemon, Smash Bros. and more, "The Gamer 2" is everything a sequel should be.